About Martees

Martees 2011...

Martees began following the 2011 earthquakes when we developed a range of tee shirts around the Munted Theme. 

When the All Blacks pulled off the World Cup later that year the AB 4 More Years tee shirt hit the shelves. Then the poster and tea towel and eventually onto a mug. People loved the image, they often had to get the explanation of all the elements, and then of course it was even better. See the explanation page for the details...

Always sold direct and through local markets, Martees designs art inspired graphical tee shirts often with a bit of humour.


Fast forward to 2015, after a lull in production and ideas, the All Blacks beat Australia 34-17 to win the Rugby World Cup for the second time in a row, defending their title for the first time ever. The Low pressure graphic over Australia is even more poignant with is beating them in the final! So far this is only made as a tee shirt, using AS Colour quality tee shirts, and Black only. Mens, and Womens sizing.
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